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My Mother's Father was quite smart. He had a PhD in Geology and was the Principal Geologist for state of Missouri. I remember one time I had said something that I learned in school. He corrected me. I said, "but the book said, ..." He replied, "I don't read the books. I write them." That statement was a shock to me. He had tried to explain plate tectonic to me long before it was the accepted theory it is today.

My Father's Father was a farmer and I'm not sure if he finished high school or not. He was quite smart also. He and his brother would ride their horses to the neighbors where they would try to stump them with puzzles. My Dad said he was really tired of living after his stroke because he wasn't a quick has he had been. My Dad was doing Algebra when we was growing up. He would be struggling with a problem. My Granddad would say, "I don't know anything about Algebra, but would it help if I gave you the answer?"

When I saw both of them, was when I was on vacation. I enjoyed playing with them. If they were around today, there is so much I could learn from them.
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