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Wines are wondrous accompaniments to food, good company, special occasions and events. For all of these the wines that you should drink should be very tasty. While the many vino experts will be able to say which wine-colored should be drunk when and with what, the rest of us will just take one that has been recommended or one that we recognize. This way of selecting your vino is rather O. K. but you may want to have form tasting wine selections on hand as well.

You are in all probability asking what character of wine is a form tasting wine and how does it taste. Well if you seem to be a little puzzled don’t worry about this as we will take a look into this. The assorted wine experts will tell you that the best way to valuate good wines is to have a vino taste party. At this party you can give your guest forms to fill out or even jot down notes.

These forms are the main factor in your form tasting wine event. Here what you need to do is to drink a glass of wine. Savour the aroma that you get before you drink the wine and see if you can still get the aroma while you taste the wine. With a good vino you should be able to feel the tasting of the vino in the back of your throat.

Once you have finished tasting the wine you will need to make some notes on your experience with this form tasting wine. The notes should admit the smell of the wine, and the taste as you first drink the wine. Next token that you will need to note is the feel of the wine as it slides down your throat. In other words can you still get the tasting of the wine?

With a good form tasting wine you should be able to tasting more than just the wine. The feeling of the cask where it was aged and the assorted fruits that have been added should also be present in the wine. As you note these sensations of this first form tasting wine, you will be able to develop an taste for the wine.

You will also need to rate the wine. This way that you should state if the wine tasted is good, rattling excellent or if you feel that another wine would have been better for the first form tasting wine experiment. Once you have finished with your observations you will need to wash your mouth out with a good vino absorbing food-serving or with cheese. You are now ready to perceptiveness the next form tasting wine and note those impressions as well.

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My Mother's Father was quite smart. He had a PhD in Geology and was the Principal Geologist for state of Missouri. I remember one time I had said something that I learned in school. He corrected me. I said, "but the book said, ..." He replied, "I don't read the books. I write them." That statement was a shock to me. He had tried to explain plate tectonic to me long before it was the accepted theory it is today.

My Father's Father was a farmer and I'm not sure if he finished high school or not. He was quite smart also. He and his brother would ride their horses to the neighbors where they would try to stump them with puzzles. My Dad said he was really tired of living after his stroke because he wasn't a quick has he had been. My Dad was doing Algebra when we was growing up. He would be struggling with a problem. My Granddad would say, "I don't know anything about Algebra, but would it help if I gave you the answer?"

When I saw both of them, was when I was on vacation. I enjoyed playing with them. If they were around today, there is so much I could learn from them.
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Hello! I just joined this group because I want to share my past stories with nice people who I know will care.

This story happened forty-two years ago, when I was twenty-five years young. My two sisters and I were staying at our lovely summer home in California, because that's what we always did on the Fourth of July weekend. The year was 1963, the year that Kennedy was also shot in. (such a tragedy) My two sisters were seven and nine, and they were very curious about life and the things all around them. Rebecca (seven) was the most curious of the pair, and the surroundings at our summer home were full of wonder and things to explore.

The day this story takes place was on the Fourth of July, our nationn holiday, and my birthday. Of course this is when I turned five and twenty years, so everyone was preparing for our big celebration, complete with fireworks. We were going to have it on the beach; a good old American cookout with family. My other sister, Maxine (I called her 'Max' for short) was a tomboy. She would wear shorts and a dirty teeshirt while Becca and I were wearing pressed skirts and blouses. Now I know this sounds very old-fashioned, but that's how our family did it. I don't know how mom let Max get away with it! But Max was always the favorite, despite all her oddities.

Max and Becca wanted to get me a special gift, even though I told them their presence would be enough. Now I've already mentioned how curious little Becca was, and how Tomboyish Max was. These two traits together were a recipe for disaster, and this day was no different. If they couldn't buy a gift, they decided, they were going to find one instead! Max told me that she wanted to get me a chipmunk as a pet, but Becca wanted to pick me some flowers. So they decided they would get both, and bring me a 'fantastic' gift. Max went into the forest to look for a chipmunk, and Becca went behind the house to look for a boquet.

While this was going on, my mother, father, and myself were all sitting on the beach and relaxing. Mother had the radio turned on, and we were all dozing off. Suddenly, we heard a scream. My mother at once knew it to be Becca's, but we couldn't tell where it had come from. Then, we heard a scream from Maxine! We were worried, as you can imagine, and rushed to find them. I went with mother to loom around the house, while my father went to look in the woods. We searched for hours until I looked down into a large bush, and saw Becca! She had somehow managed to get caught in the bush on her dress, which was of course ruined. And she had a few dandelions in her hand, which she tearfully explained were for me. As I was helping her out the the bush, I heard my father say "GET THE GUN BETH!". I was shocked, to say the least! But I did as my father asked, for I knew he would have a very good reason to use that gun. He rarely touched it, because it had been his Grandfathers and he cherished it. So only a serious emergency would make him use it. He ran back into the woods with it, and a few moments later I heard many gunshots, and then a scream. He then came out of the woods with Max in his arms. She look terrified! My father had the gun tucked into is pocket.

He later explained that Max had been in the forest looking for my 'pet', and then a bear had suddenly appeared, and had chased her. Max scampered up a tree, while the bear ran behind her. It then waited under the tree for hours. She finally called for help once she calmed down. My father needed the gun to shoot the bear, you see. But it wasn't a very big gun, and took more than one shot to take the bear down. I realized that my two sisters cared for me more than they valued their safety. And that was the best gift I could have ever recieved.

This is a true story, and one that I will never forget. I hope you enjouy reading it as much as I enjoyed remembering it.
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Put your journal to good use!

Hello, all, here is an excerpt from my journal to explain how you can make use of all time that your journal takes to write:

November 10th: "Speaking of letters, to write Mother I used a technique that has been successful with her when I have had journals in the past. I take my journal entry, personalize it to her, take out the private information and add in the appropriate information. She loves these letters. For some reason I have a hard time writing details to her, but enjoy recording them in my journal. This method has improved my relationship with my mother. She seems to listen to me more when I write to her than when I talk to her, and I mean that in a kind way."
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The Blessing family:

William, 62, Rose, 55, Jacob,
34, Michael, 28, Kenneth, 18

It's so quiet this evening, but I am not lonely. I'm feeling a little tired but fulfilled, and that is pretty good for a restless introvert.

William is at his men's meeting, and my son Jacob is here in the living room with me, working at the other computer. Kenneth is in his room, maybe sleeping or studying, as young scholars are wont to do. Micheal is a night worker, and left for work about an hour ago.

I'm sitting here with my legs covered by a Thomas Kinkade throw, dressed in black T-shirt and black jeans, which strangely enough, have two small curlers in the pocket. Why would they be there? Because William and I were cleaning out the garage a couple of hours ago, and I found them in an "everything" box that had been hastily stashed in the garage one time or another. The curlers in my pocket remind me pleasantly that I GOT SOMETHING DONE today, and that is why I fell tired but fulfilled tonight.
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Family Ties

Never in a million years would I ever had forseen a problem with our family unit. That was, however, just under three years ago.

Forteen months after my Mom passed away, my Father married a woman he had never met until a few days before the wedding that he had found on the internet a few months prior. That in itself was a little strange for my sixty-six year old father, but I never wanted him to live out the rest of the years he had here alone.

Since his marriage in March of 2003, the relationship between him and his three adult children has deteriorated. I can understand widows and widowers remarring and finding love in their golden years, none of us were jealous of this woman or her family. What surprised us was how Dad handled the situation with his children.

All of a sudden, dad was critical of our Mother. He placed blame on her that was not hers to bear. His conversations about Mom sounded like a man who had divorced not lost his wife. He no longer wanted his own children or grandchildren around him. Yet, he began to cater to his new step-children. He quickly rid his home of Mom's memory and even painted every room in the house. His new wife insisted that she would never live in the shadow of my Mother. Within months the family homestead was sold and my Dad with his new wife left the country for new adventures.

The two have now returned stateside and are ready to find their retirement home hundreds of miles away from us. It's as though he wants to erase his memories of the years before he met his new wife.

I am the oldest of three children. An adult myself with four grown children and five grandchildren. I am also only sixteen years younger than my Father. He had adopted me at the age of 12, which was eight years after he married my Mother. Mom couldn't have any more children after I was born and so, at the age of 16 myself, my parents adopted my brother at birth and a year later my sister at birth. I was more of a second mom to them than a big sister.

I have a fullfilled life with my husband, a very loving relationship with my children and grandchildren. I am satisfied and content. My brother is also married with four children of his own all under the age of 12. He and his wife have a great life together and are content. My sister has only recently been married.

Personally, I wish Dad and his wife happiness and a good life. I am not affected by his behavior. I am upset, however, with his disregard of my Mother's life which he now critisizes often. Does he blame her for dying? Perhaps. He is certainly acting like a young boy who has lost his Mother. My brother is also upset at the way Dad dishonors our Mother's life. Our sister, however, accepts his behavior and has forgiven him. She is angry with me for my resentment of Dad's behavior.

When Dad has moved to Florida with his wife, I am sure things will settle down here and we will go on with our lives. I hope the division that has been created between my sister and I will have some time to heal. I can't imagine continuing our lives torn apart by something we have no control over.
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Wanted to say Hi

I wanted to take a moment and say hi and introduce myself. I have been crusing through the communities that share common interests with me and found this one. Although it doesn't look like there has been a lot of activity lately, I enjoyed the post from members and felt warm and fuzzy and homey, as I always love to feel...especially this time of year with the fall and holiday seasons coming.
I grew up and continue to live in the rural South, within two miles of the place I was born and raised. I love home and family and although I have entertained the idea of moving away and trying city living for awhile, it just never turned into more than thought from time to time.
I have sweet childhood memories of staying at my Grandpa and Granny's house. They lived in a real log cabin with three rooms, a central living area that also contained two beds and served as the main sleeping area, as well....this was the original cabin and there were two add on rooms - one a kitchen and one an extra bedroom. There was a full porch with straight back chairs and an old green metal glider. There was a back porch that was usually used more to store things out of the elements than anything..and for the chamber pot use during the winter. They had electricity but no running water and you would go to the back yard to 'draw' water from the well using a manual crank with a chain attached to a one gallon Mazola corn oil can. They had a two seater outhouse...and I'm not talking nostalgic...I'm talking authentic. When I was really young, they would use the old Sears catalogs for toilet tissue and yes, there really were corncobs. The chamber pot that I mentioned earlier was for those occassions when it was really cold and snowy outside and it was reserved for just we girls.
We used to have Sunday dinner with 7 families crammed into this one house, but of course, usually flowing outside to the front porch. There was one table that seated six people in the tiny kitchen. The men and kids ate first and the women and older girls at last. Dishes were washed in two metal dishpans and drained in a third.
When I 'grew up' and was in my teens, I used to be ashamed but now, I bless the fact that I have these memories.
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Looking for the Write Spot

I recently posted something on my new journal and decided it was time to find communities that might be just what I need to read. Though I stopped before I found what I was originally looking for, I feel satisfied with the readings here. I like the warm atmosphere. Need it too.
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Simple Memories

I'm not sure what actually happened today. It was warm enough to open windows and so while I did my housework, I opened windows as I went. I was sitting in the computer room going over files of papers in order to organize this space when, out of the blue, I felt something from my childhood come back to me as though I was reliving the experience of my memories.

I seemed to be transported back in time to when I lived at my Grandparents. The windows would be open as would the front door. There was a screen door with decorated green woodwork along the frame and a spring in the corner that made the door slam when you let go. The screen door lead to the front porch and the pansy bed just beyond the stoop. How I enjoyed that home.

My grandfather would plant a vegatable garden every spring from seeds he kept in a big metal bread box that was stored high on a shelf in the mudroom. From those seeds cared for with love of the aged hands of this sweet man came wonderful treasures. Pumpkins, squash, beets and green snap beans. Summer squash and peas. When the vegatables were ready to harvest, my grandfather would bring out the old wooden wheelbarrow and give me a ride while he pushed his way to the garden. His blue hubbard sqash was bigger and heavier than I was!!

How I miss that part of my life. It was there that I learned that the peeping sound I heard from my bedroom window was the sound of the tree frogs in early spring. The dew on the grass in the morning sun was the magic left behind by fairies. Fireflies lit up the night sky and I would take a mason jar out back to catch them in. And the tires of the eighteen wheeler trucks on the highway across the river made a whistling sound that would lull me to sleep.

Someday, I hope to give my grandchildren the same secure, loving feeling I remember having as a child. I am working on it now. I have my screen house in the back yard with a play area for my granddaughter who is almost three years old. I want her to be with me as I tend my flower beds and I want to show her all the beauty this world holds. I want to pass on to her the dreams that I cherished while growing up.

From one generation down through the ages to this perfect child of God. Life doesn't get any better than this.
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