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Wanted to say Hi

I wanted to take a moment and say hi and introduce myself. I have been crusing through the communities that share common interests with me and found this one. Although it doesn't look like there has been a lot of activity lately, I enjoyed the post from members and felt warm and fuzzy and homey, as I always love to feel...especially this time of year with the fall and holiday seasons coming.
I grew up and continue to live in the rural South, within two miles of the place I was born and raised. I love home and family and although I have entertained the idea of moving away and trying city living for awhile, it just never turned into more than thought from time to time.
I have sweet childhood memories of staying at my Grandpa and Granny's house. They lived in a real log cabin with three rooms, a central living area that also contained two beds and served as the main sleeping area, as well....this was the original cabin and there were two add on rooms - one a kitchen and one an extra bedroom. There was a full porch with straight back chairs and an old green metal glider. There was a back porch that was usually used more to store things out of the elements than anything..and for the chamber pot use during the winter. They had electricity but no running water and you would go to the back yard to 'draw' water from the well using a manual crank with a chain attached to a one gallon Mazola corn oil can. They had a two seater outhouse...and I'm not talking nostalgic...I'm talking authentic. When I was really young, they would use the old Sears catalogs for toilet tissue and yes, there really were corncobs. The chamber pot that I mentioned earlier was for those occassions when it was really cold and snowy outside and it was reserved for just we girls.
We used to have Sunday dinner with 7 families crammed into this one house, but of course, usually flowing outside to the front porch. There was one table that seated six people in the tiny kitchen. The men and kids ate first and the women and older girls at last. Dishes were washed in two metal dishpans and drained in a third.
When I 'grew up' and was in my teens, I used to be ashamed but now, I bless the fact that I have these memories.
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